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This is a 15days/ 14nights Uganda cultural heritage safari that showcases the cultures of Uganda a home of 56 different native tribes each with unique cultural practices, language, music, art, food, rituals, customs and traditions.

On this cultural safari, you will not only experience authentic cultures but also thrilling wildlife encounters, amazing sceneries as well as the warm, welcoming and a friendly attitude of the people in the pearl of Africa.

The tour takes you through the central, eastern, western, Sesse islands and southern regions of Uganda-the pearl of Africa. You will have a rich and captivating cultural heritage encounter, experiencing different cultures including the Baganda of Buganda kingdom in the central Uganda, the Bagisu of eastern Uganda with their rich heritage oh “imbalu”, the Batooro, Banyoro of western Uganda, the Batwa (hunters-gatherer) and the Banyankole of the southwestern Uganda.

This safari starts in Kampala to Nshenyi cultural village for an insight into the fascinating traditional lifestyle of the Banyankole people to Mgahinga national park for the Batwa heritage trail that takes you through the ancient of Batwa-hunter gatherer people who for generations depended on the forest for shelter, food and medicine. Drive to fort portal the tourism city of Uganda and explore the Tooro kingdom, to Murchison falls national park for wildlife encounter and a thrilling boat ride on the mighty river Nile, to Mbale for the Bagisu people famous for their “imbalu” a traditional circumcision performed with their cultural dance. To Jinja for white water rafting on the world’s longest river, back to Kampala to explore the Baganda culture, visit the Kabaka’s (king’s) palace to learn about the cultures of the Baganda people one of the largest kingdoms in Africa founded about 600years ago. Undertake a thrilling boat cruise on the world’s second largest fresh water body (Lake Victoria) to Sesse islands. Explore the island listening to the history behind it, enjoy the beaches around and finally back to Entebbe for your departure.


Day 1; Arrival

Day 2; Transfer to Nshenyi cultural village

Day 3; Nshenyi cultural village

Day 4; Transfer to Mgahinga national park for the Batwa cultural experience

Day 5; Transfer to fort portal for Tooro cultural experience

Day 6; Amabele ga Nyina Mwiru, Oyo palace and crater field

Day 7; Transfer to Murchison falls national park boat ride and hike to the top of the falls

Day 8; Morning game drive and transfer to Mbale

Day 9; Whole day Bagisu cultural experience

Day 10; Transfer to Jinja for white water rafting

Day 11; Transfer back to Kampala

Day 12; Explore the Buganda culture

Day 13; Transfer to Sesse islands

Day 14; Sesse islands

Day 15; Transfer back to Entebbe/ departure





Day 1


On your arrival at Entebbe international airport the main entrance to the pearl of Africa in Uganda, where you will meet and greet with an Avelisa tours professional guide who will welcome and brief you about this interesting cultural safari then transfer you to the hotel for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Day 2

Transfer to Nshenyi cultural village

Start your cultural safari after having breakfast at your home/ hotel then embark on a journey to Nshenyi cultural village in Ntungamo district to experience the traditional life style of the Banyankole people. Have a stopover at the equator for photo shoots standing in the line that divides the world into two hemispheres the northern and southern hemisphere then continues with the journey.
The drive will take you through impressive countryside landscape exploring local settlements before arriving in Mbarara then eventually Ntungamo. Nshenyi cultural village is 30minutes drive from Ntungamo. The village is an epitome of the Banyankole culture and is a pastoralist area, the terrain is characterized by endless rolling hills, savannah grasslands, conducive environment for cattle rearing of the traditional Ankole long horned cattle, acacia trees, banana plantations.
Undertake a nature walk through the farm and the community exploring the traditional Ankole culture, visiting homesteads and also participate in the milking of the long horned Ankole cows.

Day 3

Nshenyi cultural village

After having breakfast, undertake an uphill hike to visit farmers the harvest honey from the caves, you can also opt to engage in the harvest. Take part in the milking process, watch milk being processed and preserved. Learn about traditional homesteads crop cultivation and food processing while your interlucting with the locals. Retreat for relaxation and settle for lunch.
Experience and enjoy the traditional music and dance of the people of southwestern Uganda. The traditional dance is called “Ekitaguriro performed by both men and women. Men step from one leg to another imitating the back and forth movement of cows they make while moving, wearing shackle like beads to their ensemble whose basic role is to draw attention to the foot movements and compliment sounds of the dance. Women spread their hands across and above their heads in representation of the long horned cattle and majestically sway from side to side in unison wearing traditional dance attires known as “bitambi” or “lessu (wrappers)” which is tied tightly around their waist and another lighter cloth around the shoulders complimented by several African themed jewellery. Retreat for dinner and overnight.

Day 4

Transfer to Mgahinga national park for the Batwa cultural experience.

Start the day with a delicious breakfast and embark on a 4hours drive to Mgahinga national park passing through beautiful landscapes with rolling hills, plantations. On arrival, settle for lunch and undertake a Batwa trail experience.
The trail introduces you to the Batwa/Twa (pygmy) people. They are a hunter-gatherer tribe who depended on forest for shelter, food and medicine for generations. They celebrated a successful hunt by naming children after the animal or location in the forest. Batwa names are derived from names of animals or locations in the forest.
The trail is led by a local Twa guide who explains how they used to live in the forest before being ousted when it became a national park. Follow the trail along the lower slopes of virunga as the guide demonstrates several traditional practical skills including lighting fire by rubbing sticks together, hunting and trapping techniques, target practice with a bow and arrow and how to fetch water in a bamboo cup.
Learn about food gathering, nutritious leaves, plants, berries found in the forest that you might not even notice, learn about different plants they used for medicines. The trail ends inside a 342m long Garama cave where a group of women and girls hide in the darkness, sing and act out a song of sadness about the loss of their beloved forest and their desire to return to what is now a national park. Retreat and return to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Day 5

Transfer to fort portal for Toro cultural experience

After having a thrilling morning breakfast, embark on a 7hrs 30mints drive to fort portal the home of Toro kingdom. The drive is so scenic and rewarding with magical views of lush green landscapes, views of mountains of the moon, rolling hills, have a stopover at kassese for a delicious lunch and proceed with the drive to fort portal the tourism city of Uganda with dotted crater lakes. On your arrival, check in, relax, dinner and overnight

Day 6

Amabele ga Nyina Mwiru, Oyo palace and crater field

Have breakfast in the morning and connect to Amabele ga Nyina Mwiru caves- literally breasts like features that are believed to have belonged to Nyina Mwiru a daughter of king Bukuku.
When Nyina Mwiru refused to marry a man her dad the king had chosen for her, he was so angry and decided to cut off her breasts to make her less attractive to other men. The king then decided to hide her away in the cave now known as Amabele. She was later discovered by the batembuzi king Isaza who impregnated her with a son. She lacked breasts to feed on her son so she decided to stay in the caves with her baby feeding him on the cloudy limestone “milky” that drips from its stalactites. The child nurtured by stalactites formation grew up and became king Ndahura of bachwezi dynasty. From the caves settle for lunch.
Proceed to hike the dramatic fort portal crater field and summit the kyeganywa hill which offers impressive views of the crater lakes, crater hollows and views of mountain Rwenzori on a clear day. Retreat and connect to Oyo palace and encounter the Toro kingdom.
Batooro people a led by a king called Omukama their cultural leader. They speak a language called Lutooro and their cultural dance is Runyege performed with big drums (Embuutu), long drum (Emgalabbi), shaker (kasekendde) and Runyege (tied around the legs). The dance is performed culturally with vigor and skill to impress the woman of interest to pick out the right man. Their favorite stew is Firinda made from beans.

Day 7

Transfer to Murchison falls national park boat ride and hike to the top of the falls

Have breakfast in the morning at around 7:30am and embark on a 4hrs 50mints drive to Murchison falls national park the largest park in Uganda a home of 76 mammal species and over 450 bird species. With the strongest falls in the world. On arrival, check in and settle for lunch.
Undertake a thrilling boat ride on the Victoria Nile to the bottom of the falls sailing through a number of hippos, crocodiles basking on river banks, oribis, elephants showering and beautiful water birds giving you opportunities to take clear and beautiful photo shoots . Disembark the boat and undertake a hike to the top of the falls to have a clear view of the devils cauldron where the water forces its self through a 7m wide gorge falling 45 meters cascading 120m long. Return to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Day 8

Morning game drive and transfer to Mbale

Have an early morning breakfast, connect with a tour ranger guide and embark on 3-4hours thrilling game drive towards northern section of the park, Buligi savannah rolling combretum with patches of borassus palm boosting sighting of 4 of the big five game like elephants, buffalos, leopard, lions and large counts of Rothschild giraffes, primates and numerous antelopes alongside sighting bird species like shoe bill the most eagerly sought of all African birds. Return to the lodge for lunch.
Embark on a drive to Mbale home of the Bagisu people a tribe in Mbale sub-region-eastern part of Uganda. Bagisu speak a language called “Lugisu” they are farmers who grow bananas, maize, beans, millet and they are the main producers of Arabica coffee one of the major exports of Uganda. They are famous for their traditional “Imbalu” performed on tradition circumcision ceremonies performed in the period of august to December of every two years. The dance “imbalu” marks the initiation of boys into manhood. On arrival, check in, relax, have dinner and overnight.

Day 9

Whole day Bagisu cultural experience

Start the day with breakfast and undertake a community tour visiting local people, interluct with them, enjoy their traditional stories, visit their plantations and visit the coffee plantations. Retreat for lunch.
Enjoy a cultural dance “Mwanga dance” a ceremonial initiation circumcision dance for a boy to transition into a man. Ringing bells are attached to the participant, fiddles, flutes and several traditional songs are all combined into a memorable event. The participant is escorted by the entire community as they make rounds in the village before finally going for the final and most important event. Retire for dinner and overnight.

Day 10

Transfer to Jinja for white water rafting

Have breakfast after embark on a 2hrs 30mints drive to Jinja the adventure city of east Africa a home to the Basoga people. On arrival, check in, relax have lunch and embark on a rafting adventure experience on the world’s longest river “river Nile” and the best rafting experience in the world. Retreat for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Day 11

Transfer back to Kampala

Have breakfast in the morning and embark on a 2-3 hours drive to Kampala passing via town outskirts, Mabira forest. On your arrival, settle for lunch and undertake a city tour around Kampala. Retreat for relaxation, dinner and overnight

Day 12

Explore the Buganda culture

The people from Buganda are Bantu speaking people with a language called Luganda. They believed in superhuman spirits inform of Mizimu (ghosts), Misambwa and Balubaale (spirits). Explore the cultural sites learning about some of the hidden and forgotten history of the kingdom in addition to experiencing an authentic traditional culture. Visit kasubi tombs, a UNESCO world heritage site that features a magnificent unique dome-shaped grass thatched hut a cultural burial grounds that houses the tombs of the 4 “Ssekabaka” (late kings of Buganda). The interesting tale of the never ending fire smoke and the magnificent features of kasubi tombs represent the rich tradition and heritage of the Baganda people
Tour the Kabaka’s palace a former home of the Buganda kingdom established in 1922. The palace served as army barracks during the Obote and Amin’s administrations. Though you cannot enter the building, the guide will give you a good overview of the history of the kingdom and palace grounds including a visit to the armory which was allegedly used by Amin’s henchmen as a torture chamber. You can opt to take a walk along the fascinating royal mile and connect to Bulange parliament the traditional centre for Lukiiko that demonstrates that Buganda already had an established parliament before the coming of Europeans.
Visit Kabaka’s lake a manmade lake dug in 1880by Baganda people under the orders of their king “Mwanga” as an escape corridor during British armed conflicts to connect to Lake Victoria the world’s largest tropical lake. Settle for relaxation and lunch.
In the afternoon, connect to Uganda museum one of the best museums and the oldest in east Africa established in 1908. It displays and exhibits ethnological, natural-historical and life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage including playable musical instruments, hunting equipment, weaponry, archaeology and entomology. After the museum connect to craft shop on Buganda road displayed with beautiful art pieces. Return to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Day 13

Transfer to Sesse islands

Have breakfast and embark on a drive to Entebbe-Nakiwogo. A docking area in Entebbe to catch boat ride to the island. Have lunch and embark on a thrilling boat cruise on the world’s largest tropical fresh water lake “lake Victoria” to Sesse islands. On arrival, check in, relax, enjoy a camp fire, have dinner and overnight.

Day 14

Sesse islands

Have breakfast in the morning and undertake an island tour into the community, havea forest walk, interluct with the locals and fishermen. Enjoy stories told by the locals about the lsland return to the lodge for lunch and enjoy the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake and watch a sunset in the evening. Have dinner and overnight.

Day 15

Transfer back to Kampala.

Start the day with a delicious breakfast. Embark on a boat ride back to Entebbe. On your arrival, transfer to Entebbe international airport to catch your flight back home.
End of safari

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  • Transportation
  • Full board accommodation
  • Meals
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  • Entrance fees
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  • Guide and ranger fees
  • English speaking guide


    • Banyankole cultural encounter
    • Traditional way of Milking cows
    • Batwa cultural experience
    • Visit Amabele caves
    • Hike the dramatic fort portal crater field
    • Visit the Toro palace
    • Boat ride on the mighty Victoria Nile in Murchison falls national park
    • Game drive in Murchison falls
    • Bagisu cultural experience
    • Cultural dances
    • White water rafting on the world’s longest river
    • Explore Buganda kingdom
    • Sesse island tour
    • Boat ride on lake Victoria


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  • Laundry services
  • Optional activities and their fees
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